Afripack flexible packaging
Afripack is a packaging supplier that focuses on supplying high quality flexible packaging products to the southern African and related markets. We are regarded as the industry leader in the local paper bags market and are well known as a supplier of top quality, flexible packaging solutions for the packaging and labeling of confectionery, general food, pet food, beverages, pharmaceutical and personal care products. Our product range includes extrusion coating, shrink and stretch sleeves, pouches and a variety of other flexible packaging products.

Afripack - paper bag and paper sack manufacturer

Afripack has two fully automated, high speed paper sack lines. Our plant operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a realistic capacity of 140 million paper sacks per annum. This capacity enables us to compete effectively in both local and export markets.
flexible packaging
Afripack Flexibles is a producer of specialist mono and composite films and specialised promotional packaging for a wide range of products. We are supported by a state of the art in-house repro system which ensures a cost effective, end-to-end solution for clients.
Afripack can coat to a maximum width of 1500mm, applying as low at 9gsm, or as high as 50gsm. In most cases clear low density polyethylene (LDPE) is used, but we are able to blend poly prop (PP) and various master batches- either for colour, UV resistance or other applications.
Afripack labels pioneered the development of shrink sleeve labelling, receiving numerous awards for its innovative use of films, inks and coatings for premium brands. We have also secured a major market of the label production for the beverage and dairy industry.

Afripack's strategy is to grow an African
footprint by providing quality products and
reliable service. We currently export to the
Indian Ocean Islands, West Africa, East Africa
and our Neighbouring States. Our plant locations allow for membership of SADC, COMESA, EUR and COI trade agreements.

News and press
Constantia Flexibles strengthens position in
African market

Constantia Flexibles Group is strengthening its position in the Sub-Saharan African growth market by acquiring the South African flexible packaging company Afripack.
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